Recognition of Parentage

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When a child is born to a couple that is not married, it is important for both parents to sign off on a Recognition of Parentage form, for custody and parenting time purposes, as well as for child support purposes. A father’s right to custody or parenting time is established easily by a Recognition of Parentage, whereas without a Recognition of Parentage, the father is more likely to need genetic proof of paternity.

If a married couple separates, each party has the right to custody and parenting time by law, due to the marriage. If an unmarried couple with a child separates, the Recognition of Parentage provides a basis for determining custody, parenting schedule and child support issues. Without the Recognition of Parentage, determination of those issues is delayed while parentage is proven unless the parties both agree not to contest parentage.

3 Responses to “Recognition of Parentage”

  1. Derrick Williams

    What specific rights are waived by the father by signing the ROP?

  2. Amy Britain

    Hello, I am trying to fill out some court forms for establishing custody and parenting time. I am not sure that I have the correct forms. My husband has not signed a ROP form, but he has signed the birth certificate. Could you please point me in the correct direction for this matter. Thank you.

  3. Dawn Johnson

    If a father living in Minnesota signed a Wisconsin Voluntary Recognition of Parentage at the time of a child’s birth, can that recognition be used to prove parentage in Minnesota when later the mother and child move to Minnesota and the mother wants to set up formal child support and custody/parenting time arrangements? All parties have lived in Minnesota for a year or more. Bottom line is can another state’s parenting recoginition substitute for the ROP in MN if everyone lives in MN now?


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