The Uncontested Divorce – Part 6 (Personal Property)

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For many couples, it is easy to resolve the issue of “stuff.”  Many items of personal property naturally “belong” to one party or the other, especially when each party is involved in different hobbies and leisure activities.  Moreover, many items of personal property are easily replaceable or duplicated, such as pots and pans, towels and linens, and small tools and appliances.

Also, if the couple is already living in separate residences, they have already established their separate sets of possessions.

However, disputes over personal property can become the sticking point if emotions run high.  If the divorce is bringing out the worst in the couple, and their conflict level, and if there are no children and no real estate to “fight over,” then arguing over unique furniture items or nostalgic memorabilia can cause problems.

The goal in an uncontested divorce is to be able to say when the final agreement is signed, that each party is awarded the items of personal property currently in his or her possession.  And for the parties to be able to abide by that.

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