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The Uncontested Divorce – Part 6 (Personal Property)

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For many couples, it is easy to resolve the issue of “stuff.”  Many items of personal property naturally “belong” to one party or the other, especially when each party is involved in different hobbies and leisure activities.  Moreover, many items of personal property are easily replaceable or duplicated, such as pots and pans, towels and… Read more »

The Uncontested Divorce – Part 5 (Real Estate)

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Most uncontested divorces involve no real estate.  If the parties own real estate, it is a potentially complicating factor.  In fact, my earlier proposition (in The Uncontested Divorce – Part 1) – that an uncontested divorce may involve the parties selling the marital home and equally dividing the proceeds – has potential complications. Dividing the… Read more »