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Divorce Corp. Review

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The point of going to see a documentary at a movie theatre is to blend entertainment with getting some insight into the documentary’s topic, right?  Divorce Corp. is neither entertaining nor insightful.  But it probably is not surprising to hear me express that point of view, since Divorce Corp. is meant to be an exposé of the… Read more »

Child-Inclusive Mediation

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As an attorney, I have been involved in countless parenting disputes, mediations and evaluations in which the issue of a child’s preference is considered, or ruled out, as a factor.  The Minnesota custody statute sets forth the child’s preference as a factor to be considered, “if the court deems the child to be of sufficient… Read more »

Child Support is for Children’s Expenses

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When child support is calculated in accord with the guidelines of Minnesota statutes, both parents’ incomes are considered.  The statute provides a table for the basic amount of support that children need, based upon the combined income of the child’s two parents. When the parents have equal, or nearly equal, parenting time, the amount of… Read more »

When Child Care Costs End

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Under Minnesota law, parents have the obligation of financially supporting their children.  The child support statutes provide for basic child support, child care support and medical support.  Basic child support is the sum paid by one parent to the other for basic expenses of the child or children.  Child care support is the allocation between… Read more »