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Possible Changes to Child Support Guidelines

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There are two bills that have been introduced in the Minnesota Legislature.  One would establish a permanent advisory committee on child support guidelines. The other one is a bigger substantive change.  Child support would be calculated based on the income shares of the parents, like it is now.  But the parenting expense adjustment would be… Read more »

New Legislation Has Revised Typical Expectation of Parental Income

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The Minnesota legislature recently amended the statute that courts use when imputing income to parents. Minn. Stat. Section 518A.32, sub. 2(3) now provides for considering “the amount of income a parent could earn working 30 hours per week at 100 percent of the current federal or state minimum wage, whichever is higher.”  Previously the statute… Read more »

Should Minnesota Change How Child Support is Calculated?

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There is change in the air, as it pertains to calculating child support in Minnesota. Currently, child support is calculated based upon the combined income of two parents, and a computation of fixed child support based upon each parent’s share of combined income.  If the children reside primarily with one parent, the non-custodial parent pays… Read more »

Child Support is for Children’s Expenses

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When child support is calculated in accord with the guidelines of Minnesota statutes, both parents’ incomes are considered.  The statute provides a table for the basic amount of support that children need, based upon the combined income of the child’s two parents. When the parents have equal, or nearly equal, parenting time, the amount of… Read more »

When Child Care Costs End

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Under Minnesota law, parents have the obligation of financially supporting their children.  The child support statutes provide for basic child support, child care support and medical support.  Basic child support is the sum paid by one parent to the other for basic expenses of the child or children.  Child care support is the allocation between… Read more »

Four Primary Issues in Divorce

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Divorce can be a challenging process.  After the initial difficult decision of whether to pursue a dissolution action, many parties wonder where to begin in sorting through the many pieces of the marital relationship.  One helpful place to start is to realize that there are two main issues that apply to every divorce and two… Read more »

Orthodontia Costs and Child Support

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If a parent is ordered to pay child support, it is likely that the child support obligation will include a “basic” support obligation, coupled with child care support and medical support. Orthodontia costs are included as part of medical support. Basic support is based upon the income of both parents, based upon a statutory table… Read more »