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Child Support – The New Era of Income Shares

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Child support used to be calculated by taking the non-custodial parent’s net income, and basing child support on a certain percentage of net income, depending on the number of children being supported. Under the child support law that was passed a couple years ago, both parents’ incomes are factored in. The statute contains a table… Read more »

Joint Custody and Child Support

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Under the Minnesota child support law that has been in effect since 2007, the amount of child support is based on both parents' incomes.  There is a guideline table in the statute that provides a set amount of base support that a child or children are entitled to based upon the sum of mom's income… Read more »

Parenting Expense Adjustment to Child Support

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The current Minnesota child support law factors into its calculations the fact that the child support obligor incurs expenses when caring for the child(ren).  The child support statute provides a parenting expense adjustment in which the basic support calculated based upon the income of the two parents is reduced by twelve percent (12%).  The adjustment… Read more »

Parenting Rights and Responsibilities

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As a parent, you have the right to custody of, or parenting time with, your child; and the responsibility to financially support your child. Many divorced or separated parents believe that if a parent fails to pay child support, they are not entitled to see the child; or if they do not have the opportunity… Read more »

Contempt and Jail Time

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Obviously when one spouse or parent threatens to get the other spouse or parent sent to jail, things have gotten pretty ugly.  The family court judges do not get any special thrill sending a family court litigant to jail.  In fact, the family court system is set up to avoid jail time in most cases…. Read more »

Taxable Alimony, Nontaxable Child Support

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The tax consequences of child support and alimony (spousal maintenance) are different.  Child support has no tax consequences, which is to say that child support is not taxable to the recipient, and not deductible from the income of the payor.  Typically, however, spousal maintenance is taxable to the recipient, and deductible from the taxable income… Read more »

Family Law Prologue

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Greetings from St. Paul, Minnesota. Having returned to my office after a week away, this is my opportunity not only to dive back into working on divorce and family law cases, but also to dive into the world of blogging. As a family law attorney, I spend a great deal of my time answering people’s… Read more »