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One way that the internet helps connect a child and a parent who do not live together is a web service called Readeo.  Essentially, Readeo ( is a bedtime story over the internet.  Both the parent and the child can see and hear each other, and either one can turn the pages of the book they are reading.

The book-chat requires a webcam, high-speed internet, and a subscription. Through the service, users are able to access a vast book library.

For children, it’s a step beyond Skype or video chatting, because it engages children of a young age in the interaction with a family member who lives elsewhere (regardless of how far away the family member lives).

Many parents have been given the right to telephone contact or video chatting only to have their time with the child cut short because the child is bored, shy, or put on the spot.  For many kids, the storytime element will boost their attention and enthusiasm for the social connection.  The service is also well-suited for military families and out-of-town grandparents and other relatives.

I am hoping that anyone who has used Readeo will post a review or anecdote their experiences with the service.

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